To Destroy the Works of the Devil

To Destroy the Works of the Devil

Listen to what the Apostle John declares in 1 John 3:8b KJV – “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.” Let that soak in…this was the purpose of Jesus’ incarnation. Satan had stronghold after stronghold set up in the hearts and lives of humanity, and Jesus singlehandedly destroyed the Enemy’s strongholds. Satan is rendered powerless because of the manifestation of Jesus. The claim Satan had was that every human succumbed to the power of sin. No one was perfect. Satan had a perfect track record in regards to human depravity–all had sinned. By the appearance of Jesus, Satan was undone! The greek in this passage for “destroy the works” literally means “Jesus loosed the bonds and undid and ruined the Devil’s business.” Essentially, Jesus made Satan go bankrupt!

We were slaves to Satan. We were going about his business. He chained us up each night and as we went about our work each day, he would make sure to subject us to his cruel torment. He would give often reminders of our willing allegiance to His diabolical kingdom.

Then Jesus came.

In one victorious act all our chains fell free, and Satan had no rightful claim on us because Jesus paid for our freedom. Satan’s enterprise was ruined, bankrupt and finished. He was done in!

However, while Jesus Christ indeed destroyed the Devil’s works, it appears that mankind is still under Satan’s rule and power. How can that be, if Jesus truly destroyed Satan’s work?

Is this verse some kind of altruistic nicety?

Is it some kind of dangling carrot?

Is it God mocking us?

Well, I am confident the word of God never stutters. Thus, this verse is true! Jesus offers freedom from the power of Satan. The Devil’s work HAS been destroyed. The siege-works of hell are rendered ineffectual. As stated earlier the chains have fallen off of us! Now, the problem is, we have two types of people: those who rejoice in their removed chains and submit themselves to Christ in love, or those who believe freedom is too good to be true and so they “re-enslave” themselves to the chains of Satan. They somehow find the offer of eternal bliss in Christ more distasteful than willing subjection to the yoke of slavery to sin, self and Satan.

Oh, this verse is so simple and beautiful. A child would believe it! But we, who are more “intellectually mature,” explain away verses like this, simply because our experience differs from the fact of this promise! Believe this profound and beautiful truth: Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. Satan’s claim on me is null and void. Temptation becomes profoundly absurd. The natural depravity I’m born in is suddenly transformed into Christ-centered passion for holiness! Bask in the utter wonder of this statement. We are born under the yoke of the Law of Sin. Jesus Christ single handedly broke the bonds of our slavery and calls us to be free. Oh, what joy we so often forfeit when we wrongly believe that all Jesus is capable of is forgiving our sins.

The power and significance of Christ reaches much further than simply forgiving our sins.

He purchased:
……a clean and guiltless conscience
…………..a grace imbued life
…………………..a joyous numbness to Satan’s beguiling art
……………………………………….a destruction of all flesh,
…………………………………………………….a consecration of every mark of wickedness.

We are called the “righteousness of God.”
We are called “sons and daughters.”
We are renovated within, redeemed from sin, renewed by Him!

The works of the devil: sin, enmity with God, depravity, wickedness, sinful lust, fleshly cravings–destroyed.


In this battle against Satan, we were utterly helpless against his power. Yet, in one act of humble sacrifice, Jesus Christ rendered useless and powerless all of the Enemy’s designs and tactics. Now He makes God’s very power available to us who believe. Everything we need for life and godliness is supplied by the chain-breaking, Satan destroying, flesh binding, hell dousing power of God.

The reason Jesus came was to ensure that Satan’s might could have no claim on your life; his power is broken. Will you accept and simply believe the mighty power of this truth?! Hallelujah to the Son of God for destroying the works of the Devil and making an open mockery of them!

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